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Performing Rigs



Product Code: MP-001

Rotational motion, modular design


  • Claw attachment can hold vessels up to 4" in diameter
  • High precision geared stepper motor provides high torque and smooth movement
  • Quick-connect shaft for accessories
  • High-Speed Motor option available
  • Able to be operated from 24 Volts to 48 Volts


  • Heavy-duty claw attachment
  • Nema 23 high precision 50:1 geared stepper motor
  • Long Baby Pin (5/8 x 6”)
  • 25’ Custom cable for connecting Rig to your controller


  • The motor on this Rig requires a programmed move generated by an external controller. When purchasing, please specify the controller you will be using so we can accommodate accordingly.

  • The motor on this Rig also requires a stepper driver and power supply. If you don't already have a solution, check our product - Drive.

  • Please contact us if you have questions about how to connect & configure Pour with your system

Usage Tips

  • Add an extra c-stand arm to stabilize the arm the Rig is mounted to
  • Confirm your programmed move before adding items to your vessel to avoid making a mess
  • Use plastic dropcloths and bins to direct and catch the materials being Poured

Heads Up

  • After continued use, the motor may get warm or even hot to the touch. This is normal and expected. Even though the motor can handle the heat, it is advised to cut power to the Rig when not using it for an extended period of time.
  • When power is disconnected from the Rig, it will no longer hold its position. Make sure it is in a safe orientation with all objects removed before disconnecting power supply.


  • Tumble
    • Linear channel for cascading dry goods
  • Drop
    • Small platform for objects to be dropped straight down
  • Spill
    • Adjustable bracket for holding & pouring a wide variety of objects
  • High-Speed Motor
    • High precision 5:1 geared stepper motor
    • 10x the maximum speed of standard motor

Pairs Well With

  • Pairs of Pours are always fun... gin & tonic, iced tea & lemonade, milk & cookies
  • Using Pour in tandem with Twirl will allow you to rotate your subject into position, then have a Poured item meet it at the perfect moment.

    Suggested Items

    • Plastic dropcloths and bins
      • Easy way to redirect and capture your Poured material
    • Leak diverters
      • These are a nice pre-made solutions for capturing & redirecting material
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