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Performing Rigs

Run 4-Channel

Run 4-Channel

Product Code: MR-002

4-Channel motor driver & 48V power supply for Pour, Spin, and Twirl

* Pour, Spin, and Twirl require a driver & power supply to operate.


  • Input step & direction signals from your signal generator (MRMC Quad Box or Dragonframe, for example) via ethernet or 4-Pin XLR Connector. Specify your system upon ordering.
  • Output to motorized Rig via 4-Pin XLR connector
  • High power 48V power supply
  • Available as a hard case or rack mount solution
  • Available in 2-channel or 4-channel configurations


  • Power supply and stepper drivers inside rugged custom case
  • Power cord

Usage Tips

  • The Rigger should always stay within an arm's reach of Run to help ensure safety on set when motors are operating.


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