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Performing Rigs

Launch Kit

Launch Kit

Product Code: PLK-241

Multi-angle concussion platform for projecting solids & liquids

Launch Kit Includes:
-6"x9" flat metal Launch Pad
-Extra long Baby Pin (5/8 x 6”) for flexible positioning on set
-15' Rubber air hose with fittings
-25’ Custom cable for connecting Rig to your controller
-Custom Studio Crate


  • Large surface area allows for a multitude of items to be Launched
  • 1/4" holes on Launch Pad allow for mounting additional items
  • Manual shut-off Safety Valve to depressurize the Rig
  • Integrated in-line Safety Switch to prevent errant signals from controller
  • Quick connects for easy setup
  • Suitable for wet applications
  • Available in 12V or 24V configurations
  • Adjustable pressure up to 100 psi
  • 15 lb. load rating

Power Supply

Power supply not included

  • The valve on this Rig requires a 12 volt or 24 volt power supply, depending on the configuration. If your controller does not output 12V or 24V at a minimum of 500 milliamps (0.5mA), a power solution will have to be implemented.
    • Consider using Spark to supply power while manually operating the Rig
  • Please contact us if you have questions about delivering power to the Rig

Usage Tips

  • Mounting Launch onto a 20" c-stand & knuckle combination will provide a comfortable working height
  • Level the Launch Pad for straight up & down trajectory.  If you nail it, don't be surprised when the item you Launched lands in the same spot it started from!
  • Use plastic dropcloths and bins to catch the objects being Launched
  • Closing the Safety Valve and turning off the Safety Switch helps ensure the safety of the person resetting the Rig

Safety Valve

  • Use the manual safety valve to depressurize the Rig in-between takes
  • When in the Open position, the Rig is pressurized. When in the closed position, the Rig is depressurized.
  • Confirm depressurization by checking the pressure gauge
  • Manual pressure valve adjustment illustration.  Open valve to allow air through, close valve to depressurize Rig.

Pressure Adjustment

  • Pull the regulator's pressure adjustment knob downward to unlock
  • Turn clockwise to raise pressure or counterclockwise to decrease pressure
  • Push knob upward again to lock pressure at desired setting
    • Note that when the pressure is decreased, the excess pressure will need to be purged to achieve the accurate setting. The regulator will purge the excess when it reaches a certain threshold, but for minute adjustments consider activating the Rig one time to reset it to the new pressure.
  • Pressure adjustment knob.  Turn clockwise to increase pressure, counterclockwise to decrease pressure.

Heads Up

  • Launch moves fast, really fast, and it can toss a good amount of weight into the air... be mindful of this and keep a safe set.
  • Use safety countdowns prior to Jumping to help ensure everyone is clear prior to activating the Rig.

Pairs Well With

  • Try using Pour's Spill accessory in conjunction with Launch to get the wall of cereal effect seen in the Samples and BTS at the bottom of the page.
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