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Performing Rigs



Product Code: PL-003

Water-tight metal scoop attachment for Pushing both solids and liquids horizontally


  • 4.5"x8" tray with 1" lip, extending to 3"
  • Heavy-duty, lightweight aluminum construction
  • Allows for use of Launch in both vertical and horizontal orientations
  • Suitable for wet applications
  • Custom made in the USA


  • Scoop attachment
  • Lateral mounting plate
  • Mounting hardware
  • Does not include Launch Rig (required)

Mounting Lateral Plate

  • Fully remove the two screws on the backside of the cylinder, place your Lateral Plate in place, then replace the screws and tighten.
  • Lateral mounting plate included with the Push Accessory Kit for the Launch

Usage Tips

  • Mounting Launch onto a 20" c-stand & knuckle combination will provide a comfortable working height
  • Use plastic dropcloths and bins to catch the objects being Launched
  • Closing the Safety Valve and turning off the Safety Switch helps ensure the safety of the person resetting the Rig

Heads Up

  • Launch moves fast, really fast, and it can toss a good amount of weight into the air... be mindful of this and keep a safe set.
  • Use safety countdowns prior to Jumping to help ensure everyone is clear prior to activating the Rig.

Pairs Well With

  • Try using the Spill accessory for Pour in conjunction with Launch to get the wall of cereal effect seen in the videos below.

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