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Performing Rigs

Twirl Kit

Twirl Kit

Product Code: MTK-001

Compact, heavy-duty turntable


  • 1.1" center pass-through hole
  • 200lb. payload
  • Heavy-duty metal mounting plate
  • Nema 23 Stepper Motor
  • Mounting base with adjustable swivel feet
  • Able to be operated from 24 Volts to 48 Volts

Kit Includes

  • 11" metal mounting plate
  • White 11" diameter, two-sided polyacrylic surface
  • Black 11" diameter, two-sided polyacrylic surface
  • 25’ Custom cable for connecting Rig to your controller
  • Custom Studio Crate


  • The motor on this Rig requires a programmed move generated by an external controller. When purchasing, please specify the controller you will be using so we can accommodate accordingly.

  • The motor on this Rig also requires a stepper driver and power supply. If you don't already have a solution, check our product - Run.

  • Please contact us if you have questions about how to connect & configure motorized Rigs with your system

Usage Tips

  • A small surface mounted to a Baby Wall Plate is a nice base for Twirl when moving smaller objects.

Pairs Well With

  • Using Twirl in tandem with Pour will allow you to rotate your subject into position, then have a Poured item meet it at the perfect moment.
  • Jet!  Spin a beverage can on center, then hit it with a spray of liquid.
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