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Performing Rigs

Jump Kit

Jump Kit

Product Code: PJK-241

Large format concussion platform with hollow design

Jump Kit Includes:
-Clear Surface
-Black Surface
-White Surface
-Wood Surface
-Male Y-Connector with in-line Safety Switch
-2x 15' Rubber air hoses w/ fittings
-2x Baby Pins (5/8 x 3.5”) for flexible positioning on set
-25’ Custom cable for connecting Rig to your controller
-Custom Studio Crate


  • Large 20"x24" surface area
  • Hollow design for placing a camera, light, or additional Rig in the center
  • Four different laser cut surfaces available
  • Powerful 30lb.+ payload
  • Adjustable pressure rated to 100 psi
  • Adjustable leveling feet and Baby Pin mounts
  • Suitable for wet applications
  • Built to fit inside Pelican 1630 (not included)
  • Available in 12V or 24V configurations


  • REQUIRES an air tank with at least 2 outputs (not included).  See Suggested Items tab below for an example.

Heads Up

  • Jump may have a fun name but it does not mess around, so you shouldn't either when on set with it.
  • Use safety countdowns prior to Jumping to help ensure everyone is clear prior to activating the Rig.

Usage Tips

  • Use the in-line safety switch to ensure safe resetting of the Rig in-between takes
  • Put at least 3 sandbags on each stand or this Rig might Jump out of position
  • Create a catch system to easily collect the items that have Jumped off the surface
  • Reverse the A & B air lines for the inverse operation of the table - It will then hold high in normal position and rapidly pull down low when activated

Pairs Well With

  • Everything! This Rig can create a multitude of stunning effects on its own, but when combined with other Rigs the possibilities are endless.
    • Squirt can precisely place a stream of liquid into the grouping Jumping off the surface
    • When the Jumped items are at their peak, Push can introduce complementary items (cereal & flavor cues)
    • Pour sauce over a wall of chicken wings

Suggested Items

  • Air tank with multiple outputs
    • In addition to multiple outputs, these tanks also reduce how often your compressor runs during the production.
    • Slider stands or equivalent
      • Short robust stands help keep Jump on the ground
    • Pelican 1630NF Case (No foam)
      • Jump is designed to fit perfectly inside this case.  Once the rig is inside, add a couple pieces of foam to the top to prevent it from Jumping during transport and you are good to go.

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