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Wood Surface

Wood Surface

Product Code: PJ-006

Wood Surface for Jump - Customize it to fit your production

Features & Specs

  • Medium density fibreboard Surface
  • Laser cut mounting slots for easy installation
  • 1/2" thickness provides less flex and flatter projection profile
  • 20x24" dimensions


    • Surface
    • 10x M5x20mm flanged button cap SS bolts
    • 10x M5 drop-in nuts


    • Install the included bolts into the Surface mounting slots
    • Lightly thread the included nuts onto the bolts
    • Align nuts with the frame
    • Fully seat the Surface onto Jump
    • Tighten all hardware & double check

    Usage Tips

    • The Wood Surface can be customized to your liking - paint it, shape it, attach items to it!
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