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Performing Rigs

Jet Kit

Jet Kit

Product Code: EJK-241

Sprayer with adjustable pressure and flow rate

Jet Kit Includes:
-7 Nozzle kit with nozzle holder
-Loc-Line nozzle
-2x Baby Pins (5/8 x 6”) for flexible positioning on set
-25’ Custom cable for connecting Rig to your controller
-Power supply for pump (not valve)
-2mm hex key for pressure adjustment
-Custom Studio Crate


  • Variable pressure and built-in pressure switch
  • Interchangeable nozzles
  • Adjustable flow rate
  • Integrated in-line Safety Switch to prevent errant signals from controller
  • Quick connects for easy setup
  • 24V Standard, 12V available

Power Supply

Valve power supply not included

  • The valve on this Rig requires a 12 volt or 24 volt power supply, depending on the configuration. If your controller does not output 12V or 24V at a minimum of 500 milliamps (0.5mA), a power solution will have to be implemented.
    • Consider using Spark to supply power while manually operating the Rig
    • Please contact us if you have questions about delivering power to the Rig

    Approved Liquids

    The following liquids are approved for use with Jet.

    If you are using a liquid other than water be sure to flush Jet with 1-2 gallons of fresh water after use, until the water runs clear.

    • Water
    • Dyed water
    • Coffee
    • Cream (this is the thickest approved liquid)
    • Liquor (don't let the liquor sit inside the pump overnight!)

    Usage Tips

    • The unit can remain pressurized when changing nozzles
    • Hang your water reservoir from a knob on the C-Stand you are using for the Rig
    • When using with continuous flow, consider positioning the motor assembly and valve assembly on separate stands to reduce wobble in liquid flow
    • A small amount of water might drip out when changing nozzles, this is normal
    • Use plastic drop cloths and bins to catch the water and protect your surroundings
    • A framed silk does a great job of catching the water stream
    • Have towels at the ready

    Pressure Adjustment

    Heads Up

    • The water exiting the nozzles is flowing at a high pressure.  Never discharge the unit in the direction of a person or risk bodily injury.
    • Always discharge the unit before disconnecting the water line from the valve or motor assembly. To discharge, cut power to the pump and open the valve continuously until the water exiting the nozzle is only a trickle.
    • The unit does not need to be discharged to change nozzles.

    Pairs Well With

    • Hit a Launched item at its apex with a Jet to create stunning splash effects
    • For a bigger splash effect, try using two Jet Rigs at the same time

    Suggested Items

    • 1 gallon plastic jug with handle
      • Use this as your water reservoir
    • Plastic Drop Cloths
    • Extra c-stand arms and clamps
      • Add additional support to the grip arm holding the rig for extra stability. This helps minimize wobble in your liquid flow


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    Make it rain in studio, with JET