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Performing Rigs



Product Code: MP-004

Small platform for objects to be dropped straight down


  • Motor mount block allows for easy setup on Pour Rig
  • Heavy-duty, lightweight construction
  • One of four accessories available for Pour
  • Hand made in the USA


  • Drop accessory with custom motor mount block
  • 2.5 hex key for grub screws
  • 2x extra grub screws


  • The Drop accessory requires the use of the High-Speed Motor to achieve a straight down Drop without rotation of the object.
  • Installing the High-Speed Motor accessory is a simple user interchange - only 4 bolts need to be removed and 1 bolt needs to be loosened. Estimated installation time = 10 minutes

Pairs Well With

  • Drop is a fantastic pairing with Squirt. Drop your item of choice, then hit it with a blast of water!
  • Drop also works well with the Push accessory for Launch. Have your items meet in mid-air for dynamic combinations
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